Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The first all-you-can-read eBook app for kids 12 and under.


Free educator account

To register:
Go to www.getepic.com
Click on Educators - if you want the free account
Click Get Started - next screen click Get Started
Complete information and click Let's Read

Once you login you are under a guest profile - if you want to create profile - switch profile
Choose Teacher - you see Teacher profile
Students login thru my epic! Account.  Teacher logs in - and then click on student profile - unlimited student profiles.
Setup name - optional PIN number - Enable Home Access - gives free month/no credit card required access w email address


https://fccdl.in/sgEKQ85jr - Basics Webinar

Our social media pages

Supported Devices

Epic! Reading Club
1. Your classroom earns Epic! Points for every family subscription connected to your class.

2. Your Epic! Points can be redeemed to purchase books and other supplies for your classroom from leading retailers such as Amazon and Target.

Epic! will now donate 20% of every parent's subscription back into your classroom. Once a parent account connects to your class, you will automatically earn points from their subscription.


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