Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Support Reading with Animoto and Toontastic

How do you find quality apps?

Apps - Blooms Taxonomy
Interactive Ladder to assign apps to Bloom's Taxonomy:
Kathy Schrock Bloomin Apps (Where do I begin?) -

Search for App by Content Area, Grade Level
Apps evaluated by Educators –
Common Sense Media -
Children's Technology Review -
Education Apps Store -

Pinterest - search for Reading AppsReading Apps Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans using Inspiration - 
15 Apps to Improve Reading Comprehension
50 Popular Apps for Struggling Readers
Reading Comprehension Strategies Chart

Animoto for Education
Sign up information -

Six ways to use Animoto in the Classroom -

Free music -

Examples: - For images

Library of Congress - Prints and photographs online collection - For images

Google Images - For images

Chicago Public Library - For book summaries, reviews, and book cover images - For book summaries, reviews, and book cover images

Lesson Plan 1: Pre-writing with Toontastic

Lesson Plan 2:  BrainPop Inspired Movies (Create using Toontastic)

Additional Toontastic Lesson Plans:

Ideas for Integrating into Classroom

Digital Book Reporter -

eBooks - (free ebooks!)
Whole group instruction - connect mobile device to projector, students take turns reading and discuss scene
Pairs - students read story together, take turns reading narration and dialogue
Reenact story
Ideas for integrating app on - (check under How Can Teachers Use it)

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