Monday, October 30, 2017

Twitter - Become a Connected Educator - PLN!


140 Characters - can change the world!

Twitter is a great tool for educators to use in developing their professional learning network (PLN).  Follow experts in the field, organizations, a 24 hour a day stream of ideas, collaborations, experiences, and sharing of resources.  Twitter promotes global thinking!

Consider setting up separate Twitter handles - Professional, Classroom, Personal accounts

To get Started:  
  • Go to
  • Select Sign-up or Sign-in
  • Follow onscreen directions to setup your Twitter ID (Handle)
    ex:  My twitter handle is @ittechcafe
  • Setup your profile, add a professional picture, and explore

#1:  Follow Others:
Select people to follow - look at who they follow - read their bios and follow other educators.

Find teachers you know - and see who they follow
Follow famous people in your field:

#2 Use Hashtags

#3:  Get Engaged and Tweet - include twitter handles and/or hashtags for others to find you.
Example Tweet:

      I am looking for other educators to share ideas on integrating technology into the classroom. #edchat #edtech @KSUITEC
  • Abbreviations to note:
    Ts - Teachers
    Ss - Students
    Ps - Parents - link shortener (save those charachters!)
  • Twitter Chats - search for chats - join in on the conversation!  Chat Meetings: check list for day and time!
    Ex:  #EdTechChat - Mondays at 8PM EST - Host leads by asking questions.  You look for Questions (Ex: Q1.) and can tweet an answer starting with:  A1.
    Q/A - Questions and Answers
    Q1. - Question 1 in a chat
    A1. - Answer 1 in a chat
Padlet - share your Twitter Handle

Dr. Booker
Monday 2PM - ITEC 3100
Wed 9 AM - ITEC 3100

Dr. Wright

Ms. Brogdon

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  3. Add your Twitter Handle to this Padlet if you are taking ITEC 3100 with Dr. Fuller in Summer 2018.