Monday, April 8, 2013

Reflective Planning with BrainPop!

BrainPop offers a bank of pre-built lesson plans and also allows Educators to search for videos and activities tied to standards, grade, or subject area.

Reflective Planning
Search for great lesson plans and read blog posts by educators on BrainPop and BrainPop Educators.  Begin your search for a lesson plan through reflective planning based on the data of your student population (look at your states Department of Education website to access this information).  As you review lesson plans consider strategies, pedagogy, and methods of assessment that will work for your students.  

To learn about the resources available on BrainPop:

1.  Watch the overview webinar:

2.  Register on BrainPop Educators:
Login - You can access lesson plans right from the Educators homepage ( On the left hand side of the page you'll see that there is a lesson plan search. Search by grade, subject, and/or if you don't fill anything in the search parameters and click search, you will get all lesson plans.

3. Go to  (Note: You will need to get the user id and password from you institution)
If you are looking for more topic specific lesson plans, click the lesson ideas button on each BrainPOP movie page. Clicking this button will bring up a collection of resources (lesson plans, webinars, graphic organizers, etc) that are related to the topic.

Professional Development - even more training! Be sure to check out all the webinars available to give you even more ways to use BrainPop, go to:

Also remember the Free Movie of the Day and Quiz!  A great way to springboard projects or by Flipping Your Classroom with BrainPop!


  1. I was able to use a BrainPop video for a project in my EDUC 2130 class at Kennesaw State University. Thank you for coming to our class and showing us how it worked. It was very helpful.

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I plan on using BrainPop in my future classroom.

  3. After you came into our EDUC 2130 class several of my class members are now using BrainPop a lot and adding BrainPop into lesson plans. Thank you for showing us how BarinPop works. I definitely plan on using it in my future classroom!

  4. I just wanted to express my thanks for coming to my Exploring Teaching and Learning class at Kennesaw State University to give a presentation on BrainPop. My group for a project implemented a BrainPop video, and we could not have done so without your information on the many resources of BrainPop! Thank you!

  5. Thank you so very much for coming into our Education 2130 class and introducing BrainPop to our classroom. I have used it many many times already and love this resource!