Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Technology Workshop - Immigration Story

"Everyone has a story that matters."

You will take on the role of a genealogist by creating the story of your family’s immigration to the U.S. whether you are here permanently or temporarily. What brought you to the US? If you do not know much about your family’s journey, tell the parts you do know.  You will use Adobe Voice to create this project. You will also address what you can do as a teacher to disrupt commonplace thinking about immigration.

   Handout:  Informational Flyer
   Handout:  Agenda
   Handout:  Immigration Story Rubric
   Handout:  What is Creative Commons? from Creativecommons.org


Copyright and Fair Use Animation - Video from Commonsensemedia.com

Adobe Voice

Download Adobe Voice:

Training Videos:

Adobe Voice in 30 Seconds

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Customizing Theme Colors

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Optimizing and Adjusting Sound

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Sharing and Embedding

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Drop-in Animation

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Pan and Zoom

Adobe Voice - Tips & Tricks - Extend Page Duration 

Additional Resources by Educators:
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How to create videos with Adobe Voice - by Cherylnn Low/Tom's Guide

Digital Storytelling Rubrics

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