Monday, March 9, 2015

Apps to support Pre-K through Kindergarten

Screentime for toddlers - 2016

How Toddlers Thrive - Good Morning America - 2015

Fred Rogers Institute Article

How do you find quality apps?

Apps - Blooms Taxonomy
Interactive Ladder to assign apps to Bloom's Taxonomy:
Kathy Schrock Bloomin Apps (Where do I begin?) -

Search for App by Content Area, Grade Level
Apps evaluated by Educators –
Common Sense Media -
Children's Technology Review -
Education Apps Store -

Pinterest - search for Reading Apps, Reading Apps Lesson Plans

20 iPad Apps to Teach Reading
15 Apps to Improve Reading Comprehension
50 Popular Apps for Struggling Readers

Reading Comprehension Strategies Chart

Ideas for Integrating into Classroom
Whole group instruction - connect mobile device to projector, students take turns reading and discuss scene
Pairs - students read story together, take turns reading narration and dialogue
Reenact story
Ideas for integrating app on - (check under How Can Teachers Use it)

Learn with Homer App

Bluster! (builds vocab skills)
Students select activities based on grade level
Pair students - play in Versus mode to see who can make the most matches first.

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