Friday, September 26, 2014

Apps to support High School Science

How do you find quality apps?

Kathy Schrock Bloomin Apps
How to find good educational apps that have been evaluated by educators –
Search for App by Content Area, Grade Level
Common Sense Media -
Children's Technology Review -
Education Apps Store -

Build Content Knowledge
 netTrekker –

Organization – Mind mapping - Brainstorming

BrainPop - Make-a-map

Inspiration/Kidspiration  -  PC/Mac

Inspiration Map – iPad
Brainstorming Visually - grades 6 thru 12

Mind Maps - tapping prior knowledge and Developing Ideas

Additional Inspiration Lesson Plans:

QR Codes
QR code generator:
Productivity Tool Apps
Apps designed to help teachers and students plan, develop materials, communicate, and keep records.
Science Apps for HS
3D Cell Stain
Gravity 2.0
Periodic Table

 UDL Tools
Supports multiple means of representation to give learners various ways of acquiring information and demonstrating what they know

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