Monday, September 14, 2015

iMovie - Resources

iMovie lets you create movies and Hollywood-style trailers

Apple for iOS -

Remember you can use Public Domain/Royalty free music - or 10% to 30 seconds of a copyrighted song (whichever is less)

List of Public Domain Children's Songs:

Free Karaoke Instrumental Nursery Rhyme Songs - must create account to download:

Jamendo -  (Royalty free music)

Video Tutorials:
iPad Video Tips and Tricks for iMovie -  (great video - 10 min)
iMovie for the iPad: (1 hour)
iMovie iPad Tutorial: (10 min)

Online Tutorials (step by step - written):
Beginners guide to iMovie:
Apple tutorials -

How to transfer photos, videos, files between iPhone, iPad, and Macs


Animoto is a video creation service, Web 2.0 tool, that can be used to produce a video slideshow from photos, video clips, and music.  It runs on the web, and has a app for both Droid and iOS devices.

iTunes Store - Animoto
Google Play Store - Animoto
Also runs on any web browser

Educators can sign up for a free Plus account - renewable every 6 months.  To setup:

Steps to get code and activate Educator account:
  1. Animoto – Signup - create account
  2. Apply for Animoto Educators Account
Education account allows for 10 second video clips, up to 10 minute video, and you can have one song. You are allowed about 50 styles out of the 94 styles that are offered. 

Additional Animoto Resources