Apps to support Social Studies

How do you find quality apps for Social Studies?

Kathy Schrock Bloomin Apps
How to find good educational apps that have been evaluated by educators –

      Build Content Knowledge
 netTrekker –

Organization – Mind mapping - Brainstorming

BrainPop - Make-a-map

Inspiration/Kidspiration  -  PC/Mac
Inspiration Map – iPad
Brainstorming Visually - grades 6 thru 12
Mind Maps - tapping prior knowledge and Developing Ideas
Additional Inspiration Lesson Plans:

      Story Creation/Presenting
      Questions when evaluating apps for presenting:
      Can you add photos or drawings?
      Can you add text?
      Can you add voice recording?
      Can you share or publish?
      How do you see yourself using this in the classroom as a teacher?
      How do you see yourself using this in the classroom as a student?     

Haiku Deck

Lakota Wintercount & Haiku Deck - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Lesson Plan 1: Mission Plan – The Dream

Lesson Plan 2:  BrainPop Inspired Movies (Create using Toontastic)
Story Design Worksheet:

Additional Toontastic Lesson Plans:

Story Creator

Speech Journal

Voki –


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