Saturday, February 22, 2014

7th Grade Technology and Computer Science: Creating Interactive Whiteboard Lessons with Smart Notebook 11

This module has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and necessary skills to use the features of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and software.   You will be creating a SMART Notebook lesson and will demonstrate how to use the features of the SMART Notebook software.  Students will create a “Introduce Yourself” lesson, share with classmates by uploading to our LMS, and we will learn more about each other and learn how to use SMART Notebook at the same time.

This course is correlated to the following Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).
MSBCS-BCSII-1:  Students will reinforce keyboarding.
MSBCS-BCSII-7:  Students will utilize presentation/multimedia software.
MSBCS-BCSII-10: Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethics and potential dangers related to the use of the Internet.
Module Objectives:
1.  Author and upload a SMART Notebook – “Introduce Yourself” as a self-introduction activity to create a sense of community.  The Notebook should meet our rubric at a minimum of 80% in quality.  The SMART Notebook should illustrate competency in the following:
  Demonstrate understanding of the SMART Notebook menu/tools
  Demonstrate ability to work with objects
  Demonstrate ability to add links and media
  Demonstrate ability to work with SMART Notebook Gallery
  Demonstrate the use of the Lesson Activity Toolkit
  Demonstrate the use of Activity Builder   

Technology Requirements:
 Students must have access to the following tools to be successful in this module:
1.    A computer with high-speed internet connection.
2.    SMART Notebook 11 Software

Learning Activities and Links:
  1. View the SMART Notebook 11 Collaborative learning software video: 
  2. Use the discussion board to discuss ways to improve collaborative learning using SMART Notebook.  Here is the prompt: How you might use SMART Notebook for school projects?  (Please be respectful in your postings and responses).   Your discussion board participation will be graded using our discussion form rubric
  3. View all training materials (videos, tutorials, & PDFs) for SMART Notebook:
  4. Create a SMART Notebook lesson “Introduce Yourself” to meet the objectives above.  Include information about yourself, examples:  where you were born, your hobbies, interests, favorite movie, favorite subject,  pets, how many people are in your family, or other interesting facts about you.  Remember to be respectful about yourself and others.  Your lesson will be graded using the “Introduce Yourself” rubric:
  5. Use the discussion board to discuss tips and tricks and share links to SMART websites or blogs as you work on your “Introduce Yourself” lesson. 
  6. Upload your “Introduce Yourself” Smart Notebook to LMS, under Assignments.
  7. Take the module quiz, found in our LMS under SMART Notebook 11 Quiz to assess the major components in creating a SMART Notebook lesson.  The quiz will be automatically graded.
  8. You will receive a email with the link of 3 classmate's “Introduce Yourself” lessons. Please review and post something you learned about each of the 3 classmates.  Be respectful please.
  9. Write a reflection and post in discussion board that addresses the following prompt:  What advantages does SMART Notebook 11 software have compared to other software you have used in the past for school projects, and what is your favorite tool or feature of SMART Notebook 11?

Required Content:
Participants will use the link below to access videos, PDFs, and guides on how to use the SMART Board Notebook 11 software.

Supplemental Content: